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    The Aqua Spa 6 seater is the ultimate inflatable spa. Made from quality PVC material, it is strong and durable. Relax in comfort while 130 bubble jets intricately massage your body. Enjoy your Aqua Spa all year round with an inbuilt heating system warming the water up to 42°C.

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    Whats In The Box

    • Aqua Spa
    • Inflatable insulation lid
    • Inflation hose
    • Leatheroid outside cover and clip lid
    • Floor mat
    • Combination lock
    • Filter
    • Box measures 50cm x 53cm x 75cm and weighs 40kg
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Ultra Strong & Durable

Thick PVC Material

Made from premium and durable PVC material, the Aqua spa spans .7m high and 2.08m wide. It features a strong clip lock PU Leather Lid to close the spa. The Aqua Spa is built to last with the same PVC material used on white water rafts.


 Relax In Your Own Backyard

There’s nothing better than relaxing in your very own Aqua Spa in the backyard! Enjoy family and friends over for a BBQ or share a romantic glass of wine in your Aqua Spa on a warm evening. Aqua Spa makes summer super relaxing and fun.

 The Biggest Inflatable Spa In New Zealand

Don’t settle for a small and cramped inflatable spa. Aqua Spa is the largest inflatable spa you can buy in New Zealand. It features a large diameter of 208cm and a generous height of 70cm, plenty of room to share with friends and family. Be careful of other small inflatable spas that are the size of a bath tub, the 6 seater Aqua Spa gives you enough room to relax in comfort.


Amazingly Comfortable, From Wall to Floor

Normal in ground spas have hard plastic or tiled surfaces that are far from comfortable. Aqua Spa’s air cushioned walls allow for comfort no matter where you sit. With Aqua Spa you will always relax in comfort.

42°C of Pure Warmth

Use your Aqua Spa all year round! While great to cool off in summer, there’s nothing better than a 42°C steaming hot spa on a cool winter evening. The inbuilt heater warms water at 1-1.5°C per hour.


Bubble Jets Everywhere!

An incredible 130 bubble jets blast bubbles through the Aqua Spa for an amazingly relaxing experience.

Setup Anywhere, Inside or Outside

A fantastic benefit of the Aqua Spa is its portability. Take it to a friends house or on holidays. Setup your Aqua Spa inside or outside, the choice is yours!


Retain Heat with Insulation

Aqua Spa comes with an inflatable cushion lid which retains heat in the water. The lid is inflated with the Aqua Spa’s pump, then placed on top of the water when not in use. The insulation lid also fits under the local PU Leather cover. Keeping your Aqua warm couldn’t be easier!

Kid Safe with Lockable Cover

Safety for your kids and pets is paramount. Aqua Spa features a lockable clip up cover. Once you’re finished using the spa, clip it shut and lock with the provided combination lock.


Setup Quickly with Self Inflation

Aqua Spa features an inbuilt air pump and hose for really quick inflation. Inflate in around 5 minutes, then its ready to start adding water.

12 Months Warranty

Aqua Spa is a quality brand and product. We back all Aqua Spas with a 12 month warranty and operate an active spare parts division.



6 Seater Aqua Spa
Pre-tested Pump and Pre-tested Spa Bladder
AquaJet Massage System, 130 jets
AquaRapid Heating System heats to 42°C
AquaFilter Water Filtration System
Easy and Fast Setup
Air-filled Cushion lid
Spa Liner
Leatheroid Cover with Clip Top
Top Cover Includes an Extra Insulating Layer to Preserve Warm Water Temperatures
Inflates Using the Spa’s Pump
Digitally Controlled Pump
12 month warranty


Water Capacity: 1000L
Size 208 cm in diameter, 70 cm high
130 jets
Revolutionary dual core heating system – Heats to 42°C
No tools required
Electrical inflate system
Inflates in 5 minutes
Fast heating system, 1-1.5°C per hour

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